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ESL Worksheets

These printable ESL worksheets provide quick overviews of grammar concepts including present, past and future tenses, conditional forms and more. Each ESL worksheet reviews essential grammar and provides printable quizzes and answer sheets to help students quiz and test concepts introduced. These ESL worksheets can be printed as additional study resources or for in-class lesson plans.

Present Perfect Worksheets
This printable ESL worksheet focuses on the present perfect tense. The worksheet presents a quick review of the present perfect, as well as common time expressions used with the present perfect. The present perfect worksheet then continues with two quizzes to check students' understanding of the present perfect tense and its use with time...

Past Simple Worksheets
This printable ESL worksheet focuses on the past simple tense. The worksheet presents a quick review of the past simple. It then continues with a look at time expressions commonly used with the past simple. The worksheet finishes with two quizzes and answer sheets to check your understanding.

Present Simple Worksheets
Printable present simple worksheets for online and in-class use. These present simple worksheets begin with a quick review of the present simple and common time expressions including adverbs of frequency used with the present simple.

Present Continuous Worksheets
The present continuous tense is used for a variety of purposes. These present continuous worksheets cover each of the most important uses of the present continuous tense, and then follows up with quizzes and answer pages to check and improve your understanding. This present continuous worksheet is printable for in-class use.

Past Continuous Worksheets
The past continuous is used together with the past simple which can be confusing to students. This printable past continuous worksheet reviews basic rules and time expression use with the past continuous tense. The worksheet is followed by two quizzes for in-class or self-study use.

Past Perfect Worksheets
Use this past perfect worksheet to quickly review the past perfect tense, as well as practice the form. Check the second page for answers to the worksheet.

Real and Unreal Conditional Form Worksheets
First and second conditional form review and worksheets. These conditional worksheets begin with a quick review of real and unreal conditional statements and progress to exercises to practice usage.

Past Unreal Conditional Form Worksheets
The past unreal conditional expresses what we wish had happened in the past. These conditional worksheets begin with a quick review of past unreal conditional statements, as well as sentences with 'wish' and progress to exercises to practice usage.

Contractions Grammar
Learn how to use contractions correctly in English. Contractions are indicated when a letter is replaced by an apostrophe - He's. Learn these contractions' grammar with this discussion of the use of contractions providing many examples and instructions on when to use contractions in English.

How to Study Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal verbs are difficult to learn. Here is a quick overview of the difficulties in learning phrasal verbs, as well as a study strategy to improve phrasal verb vocabulary. Finally, there is a blank phrasal verb worksheet that you can print out for class or your own learning.

Reported Speech Worksheet
The reported speech is also known as indirect speech. It is used to relate what others have said. This worksheet provides a quick review of important changes required in reported speech, as well as providing a 20 question worksheet to practice.

Compound Sentence Worksheet
This worksheet is for lower intermediate learners of English. It provides the basics of writing compound sentences by using coordinating conjunctions. Rules are explained, as well as a worksheet for practice.

Complex Sentence Worksheet
This worksheet focuses on writing complex sentences by using subordinating conjunctions to connect dependent and independent clauses. Explanation of concepts, reference materials and worksheet with answers provided.

Modifying Nouns with Clauses
This worksheet provides a step by step guide to writing sentences using relative clauses to modify nouns. Each step of the process is explained with examples followed by an worksheet for practice.

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