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Free Learning English


Free Learning English Resources - Get Started

The internet is full of free learning English resources. In fact, this site has more than 7,000 free learning English resource pages! A good place to start with your free learning English time is on the Start Learning English section of the site. This page is useful for beginners. If you are an intermediate or higher level learner of English, start your free learning English search on this site with the Continue Learning section of the site.

Free Learning English in Categories

If you would like to explore specific categories in your search for free learning English materials, make sure to go to the homepage. The free learning English resources are abundant. You'll find free learning English materials for each level, as well as for individual English learning skills such as writing, speaking, listening and more. Find these free learning English resources on the left hand side of the homepage.

Free Learning English - For Teachers

If you are an English teacher, you will find many free learning English lessons for your classes. Each of these lessons include an explanation, point-by-point steps to take you through the lesson, and lesson resources you can print out. In order to print out these free learning English lessons, just click on the 'print' icon which you will see in the upper right hand corner of each page. All free learning English resources on this site can be used in class without having to ask permission. It's the mission of the site to be as useful as possible. If you want to publish these free learning English resources, then you will need to ask permission using this About.com reprint permission form.

Free Learning English - Quizzes

One of the most popular free learning English tasks on the site are popular quizzes. Here are some of the most popular to get you started:

Beginning Grammar
Intermediate Grammar
Advanced Grammar
Commonly Confused Words
TOEFL Practice Quiz
Business English Level Test

Free Learning English - English for Work

If you need to use free learning English materials for work, you have also come to the right place. These free learning English resources focus on English as it is used work and include:

Business Writing Skills
Business English Dialogues
Business English Job Interviewing Skills
Business English Vocabulary Sheets for Specific Industries

Free Learning English

There are many paid English learning sites on the internet. If you have special needs, or want individual instruction you can also find sites that will provide these services. It is important to remember that free learning English resources are provided with little outside help. You can, however, ask questions at the forum. There are many teachers that participate in the forum and will be happy to provide free learning English advice on any question you may have.

Word a Day - Daily
English Tip of the Day - Daily
Beginning English - Weekly (8 weeks)
Improve Your Vocabulary - Weekly (8 weeks)
Improve Your Grammar - Weekly (8 weeks)
Teach ESL / EFL - Weekly (8 weeks)

Free Learning English - Newsletter Courses

Another resource to take advantage of when looking for free learning English resources at this site are the free learning English newsletter courses. You can sign up for any of these courses and will receive free learning English newsletters on a weekly or daily basis.

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