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ESL EFL Teaching Training and Certification

These resources point to teacher education for TEFL certificates, RSA DELTA and CELTA certificates, M.A. and doctorate programs as well as informative discussions of what qualifications are required for specific job opportunities.

TEFL Uncovered - Review
Review of TEFL Uncovered a book helping potential English teachers learn how to teach TEFL abroad.

Teaching English Overseas
An overview of opportunities for teaching English overseas with a discussion of required certification, job prospects in different parts of the world, and employment resources.

Decide to Become an ESL Teacher
Things to think about before you decide to become an ESL (English as a Second Language ) teacher.

TESOL - Definition of TESOL
Definition of TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

TEFL - Definition of TEFL
Definition of TEFL - Teaching English as a foreign language

Teacher Certification
A discussion of teacher certifcation including a personal experience account

ESL/EFL Career Guide - Getting Qualified
A guide to becoming a teacher in ESL/EFL

Appropriate Classroom Materials
A discussion of appropriate teaching materials for the ESL classroom

Guide to Teaching English - Standard Curriculum Planning, Language Recycling
An advice guide to non-English ESL EFL teachers who volunteer to teach English for charity, to friends, on a part time basis or as a hobby

Beginning Guide to Teaching ESL
An advice guide to non-English ESL EFL teachers who volunteer to teach English for charity, to friends, on a part time basis or as a hobby

Online English Teaching Certification
i-to-i Online TEFL Course review by Kenneth Beare about.com's guide to English as a second language for ESL and EFL teachers wanting to get teaching credentials via an online course.

Review - How to Become a Personal ESL Trainer
Review of Miriam Lavi's guide How to Become a Personal ESL Trainer. This guide provides a pragmatic approach including all the essential elements of teaching to private students.

Getting Qualified
About.com's guide to obtaining teaching credentials. This guide focuses on all different types of qualification from RSA to simple short course qualifications.

Academy of Windsor (England)
Academy of Windsor (England) - Part time and full time TEFL teacher training for the Trinity College Certificate and Trinity Diploma, English language training for business, and foreign language classes.

Boston University
Courses in linguistic theory, applied English grammar, language acquisition, methodology of teaching English to speakers of other languages, and cross-cultural communication. Candidates are also required to complete a semester of supervised student teaching.

Cambridge CELTA Courses in Berlin
Cambridge English Teacher Training (CELTA) courses are held in Berlin at Akademie für Fremdsprachen GmbH. Recognised EFL teacher training provides TEFL employment opportunities all over the world.

Computer Certification
About.com's Guide Donna L. Matthews provides expert resources and information, as well as a guide to Internet resources concerning Computer Certification

Developing Teachers
This site includes a monthly newsletter, weekly teaching tips and more. The newsletter provides a wealth of tips, links suggestions, discussions of teaching techniques and other helpful information about teacher training and development.

Distance Learning
About.com's Guide Kristin Hirst provides expert resources and information, as well as a guide to Internet resources concerning Distance Learning

I-to-I provides online TEFL certification as well as weekend, certification workshops, four week CELTA equivalent courses and job placement services.

Lado Enterprises
Teacher training for the Lado Certificate. The program is designed for adults with little or no teaching experience who are interested in teaching abroad or in the US.

Teach Abroad.com
Teach Abroad.com offers a number of valuable services to people wanting to begin a teaching career. Not only does the site offer information about various training programs, but it also offers information about a number of other opportunities for living abroad.

Teacher Training Forum, ESL Cafe
Forum focusing solely on teacher training located at Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe.

TESOL Course Providers
Searchable database provided by Trinity College for those interested in doing the CertTESOL.

The American University of Paris
6-week TEFL training program at The American University of Paris, in Paris, France. The program is taught by certified American TEFL trainers and offers 4 weeks of practice teaching to French students, Master Teaching observation, career counseling, and job assistance in Paris for those withworking papers.

Transworld Schools
Teacher training for the TEFL certificate and more located in San Francisco. Courses also include special preparation courses for Business English and combination courses. Intensive courses are offered including a four-week TEFL course and an advanced CTEFL course. Transworld is also the only non-university training program that offers scholarships.

Opinions about Non-Native English Teachers
What do you think about the practice of a strict native English speakers only policy at many English teaching institutions throughout the world? Read fellow colleagues' opinions and post your own viewpoint on this important issue affecting both English teachers and learners.

Oxford Seminars

Oxford Seminars provides teacher training certification in cities throughout the United States, as well as a wide variety of information on English teaching opportunities abroad.

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