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TEFL Uncovered - Review

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The Bottom Line

TEFL Uncovered - How to Teach Your Way Abroad With TEFL by James Jenkin provides an excellent starting point for anyone interested in teaching English abroad. It is a workbook that will provide useful time and time again when making decisions about and applying for work. TEFL Uncovered also serves as an excellent overview of the TEFL profession as a whole. All this and it is offered at an unbeatable price: Free


  • Workbook format
  • Focus on economic and cultural realties of the profession
  • Documentation on each region of the world
  • Resources provided as clickable links
  • Tools and tips on TEFL employment


  • PDF format doesn't allow editing unless you own Adobe software
  • Few details on career improvement for established teachers


  • The book comes in the form of a workbook which encourages users to develop a personal strategy.
  • TEFL Uncovered is extremely honest about the economic realities, and cultural challenges of teaching English.
  • It includes detailed information about opportunities, challenges, documentation and insider info of each region and country.
  • TEFL Uncovered provides a wealth of teaching resources including classroom strategies for a successful start.
  • Provides tools such as key questions to ask employers, networking tips, as well as worksheets to develop resumes.
  • Unfortunately, the PDF format doesn't allow you to edit directly in the workbook unless you own Adobe software.
  • For teachers who are already well established, the guide provides few details on improving on an existing TESOL career.
  • This extensive book (143 pages) is absolutely free for download!

Guide Review - TEFL Uncovered - Review

TEFL Uncovered - How to Teach Your Way Abroad With TEFL by James Jenkin is an exhaustive guide to the process of becoming an English as a Foreign Language - and presumably, with slight variations, an English as a Second Language - teacher. TEFL Uncovered was sponsored by i-to-i Online Teaching which also provides online TEFL certification (see my review of the i-to-i online TEFL course).

TEFL Uncovered - How to Teach Your Way Abroad With TEFL takes teachers through the entire process of becoming an English teacher abroad beginning with a general overview through certification, teaching techniques, employment and, finally, to chapters on what you can expect when teaching in specific countries.

TEFL Uncovered - How to Teach Your Way Abroad With TEFL is written as a workbook with ample opportunity to take note of your own objectives, understanding of topic areas and future goals. As such, it provides a hands-on introduction to teaching English abroad, as well as a continuing guide to teachers who are relatively new to the profession.

User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Become a TEFL, Member MichaelENolan

Have you ever considered becoming an English teacher overseas? This booklet offers an overview on TEFL, and I recommend that anyone who is thinking of pursuing such a career look it over. The book helps the reader reflect on why she or he wants to become a TEFL, provides insight on teaching issues, and offers practical advice on how to get started. Unlike a lot of material (especially free material) that is found on the Web, this doesn't seem to have a hidden agenda (to get you to purchase a specific book or take a specific course, for example) and is surprisingly unbiased. It tells the reader where to get training, but also mentions cases where no specific EFL training is needed. It even provides some ins-and-outs about legal issues working overseas (laws are strictly enforced in some countries; in others, teachers regularly get around the law and work for cash), fees, taxes, and personal security. About the reviewer: I'm an American and an English language teacher/teacher-trainer with 25 years' experience in Mexico.

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