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Glossary of the most common idioms in English. Each entry contains a definition, explanation of common usage, and two examples of the idiom to provide context.
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Sounds People and Things Make
Examples of different sounds that people, animals and other things make for ESL classes and English learners.

Idioms and Expressions - Game
Idioms and expressions using 'game' including a definition and example sentences for English learners and ESL classes.

April Fool's Day for ESL Classes - Spot the Mistake
An April Fool's Day idiom quiz for ESL and EFL classes.

Sports Idioms
ports Idioms: a look at how idioms taken from US soprts are used in everyday English

rack one's brain
Definition, explanation of usage and examples of the idiom rack one's brain.

Heart - Idioms and Expressions
Idioms and expressions using the noun 'heart' including a definition and example sentences for English learners and ESL classes.

Difference between Geek and Nerd
Help with idiomatic English used on the Internet for English Learners and ESL EFL classes.

Learning English Idioms
This is a helpful article on learning English idioms by Mike Shelby which offers suggestions on ways of practicing idioms, as well as English idiom dictionaries.

An Unpleasant Colleague
Learn idioms in context through reading. An Unpleasant Colleague is a story about a man was not liked at work due to his success. Each idiom used in the story is defined at the end of the story allowing students to learn idioms in context while providing useful definitions.

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