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Common Mistakes in English - Bring, Take, Fetch, Get


The four verbs bring, take, fetch and get are all used in a similar manner to mean moving an object from one place to another. However, there are key differences to the use of each verb that depend on where the speaker stands in relation to the objects.

Bring Take Fetch/Get

The use of bring and take is confusing for many students. The choice between bring or take depends on the location of the speaker. If the speaker refers to something that is at her current location, she uses bring. Generally, use bring when something moves from there to here.


I'm glad you brought me to this shop. It's great!
I'll bring the map with me on the trip.

If the speaker refers to something that has been moved to a different location, she uses take. Generally, use take when something moves from here to there.


The coach took the boys to football field.
Jack took his laptop with him on his trip.


When speaking about going somewhere and getting something and then bringing it back, use get (American English) or fetch (British English).


Could you get the newspaper?
She fetched her diary and showed him the entry.

Do you understand the rules? Test your knowledge with this bring, take, fetch, get quiz.

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