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Neither ... nor


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Tip of the Day:

Neither ... nor

Usage Tip

'Neither … nor' is used in sentences giving a negative sense. Neither one nor the other subject does an action. Notice that the negative sense is conveyed by the 'n' in 'neither' and 'nor'. 'Not' is not placed before the verb. Subjects connected by 'neither … nor' take either a plural or singular verb conjugation depending on the subject (a singular or a plural) closer to the conjugated verb. In other words, in a sentence with 'either ... or' there will be two parts to the subject - one following 'neither' and the other following 'nor'. If the subject following 'nor' is singular use the singular form of the verb. If the subject is plural, use the plural form of the verb.

Example Sentences

Neither Jack nor Peter wants to go to the party next week.
Neither Jane nor her friends support the mayor.

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