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English Tip of the Day: 203 BC / AD


Tip of the Day:


Usage Tip

BC refers to dates before the birth od Christ, AD for dates after the birth of Christ. (BC = before Christ, AD = Anno Domini)

Example Sentences

The Romans occupied the territory in 342 BC.
The first settlement appeared in 215 AD.

Quiz of the Day - Three Word Phrasal Verbs:

Choose one word from each category (one verb and two particles) to complete the three-part phrasal verbs required to fill the gaps. After you have decided on an answer, click on the arrow to check if you have correctly completed the sentence.

Three Word Phrasal Verbs

English Worksheet of the Day - Top Ten Uses of Get:

The verb 'to get' is used in many senses in English and can be confusing at times. Here is a list of the top ten uses of 'to get' with simple explanations and example sentences. This list is meant to give intermediate level learners the main senses of this important verb.

Top Ten Uses of Get

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