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Grammar Chants Introduction


Grammar chants can be a lot of fun to use in classes. They are especially effective when used to help students learn problematic forms. Grammar chants use repetition to engage the right side of the brain's 'musical' intelligence. The use of multiple intelligences can go a long way to helping students speak English 'automatically'. Here are a number of chants for some of the most common beginning level problem areas. Many of these chants are simple. However, remember that through the use of repetition and having fun together (be as crazy as you like) students will improve their 'automatic' use of the language.

Using a chant is pretty straight-forward. The teacher (or leader) stands up in front of the class and 'chants' the lines. It's important to be as rhythmical as possible because these rhythms help the brain during its learning process.

Here they are: Have fun!

Prepositions of Time - At and On
Prepositions of Time - In and At
Prepositions of Place - In and On
Prepositions of Place - At and On
Question Words
Basic Numbers - American English
Basic Numbers - British English
Some and Any
Question Words
Questions with 'How'
Questions with 'Like'
Verb + Gerund
Verb + Infinitive
Simple Present (I, You, We, vs. He / She)
Regular and Irregular Past Forms
Comparative Forms
Superlative Forms
Comparative and Superlative Forms
First Conditional - Real Conditional
Second Conditional - Unreal Conditional
Third Conditional - Past Unreal Conditional

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