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Preposition Review


Aim: Develop recognition of similar preposition use through contrast in written exercise, review of prepositions

Activity: Discussion of similar preposition followed by a written exercise

Level: Intermediate


  • Take a few objects into the class, such as a model car, an apple, etc. use simple sentences to help the class understand the differences between in / into, out / out of, etc. using the props.
  • Give the students some of the objects and encourage them to come up with their own sentences, especially focusing on the finer differences between the prepositions discussed.
  • Pass out the handout and ask students to get in pairs to work through the short exercise.
  • Correct worksheet as a class and discuss problems, or questions.
  • Repeat first activity to help reinforce learning.

A Strange Noise in the Night ...

It was late (at / in) night when I heard the noise. I got (out of / outside) bed and decided to investigate. First, I went (into / in) the living room and kitchen. Everything seemed to be OK in those rooms. Then I heard the noise (again / over). It was coming from (out / outside), so I put (on / off) my jacket, opened the door and went (into / out of) the backyard. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to (pick up / in) a flashlight on my way (inside / out) the door. It was a dark night and there was a light rain falling. I couldn't see much, so I kept stepping (into / onto) things in the yard. The sound continued to repeat and was coming (over / from) the area (on / in) the other side (to / of) the house. I slowly walked (through / around) the house to see what was making the noise. There was a small table (in / on) the porch which was (next / near) to the wall. (On / To) top of this table was a bowl with some rocks (into / inside). A small mouse was trying to get (out / above) and was moving the rocks (around / through) the bowl making the noise. It was very strange, but now I could go back (in / to) sleep!

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