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Where Would You Put These Adverbs?


Use the following adverbs to fill in the gaps in the sentences. Each adverb is used once. Once you have finished, check the answers on the following page.

always often never certainly eventually fluently yet hard carefully just occasionally probably completely unfortunately definitely ever also quickly

Have you _____ wanted to learn a new language? My friend Tom has _____ wanted to learn Russian. _____, he _____ had the time until last year. He had _____ finished his studies at university and decided that he should _____ begin. He _____ wanted to do something _____ different. He knew he wouldn't be able to speak _____. However, he thought that if he worked _____, he would _____ be able to at least converse in Russian. He worked very _____ and only _____ missed a class. He _____ rented films in Russian to watch, and was surprised at how _____ he began to understand the basic meaning of the conversations. _____, he could even listen to pop songs in Russian and understand the texts. He hasn't been to Russia _____, but he will _____ go soon.

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