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Future Continuous


Future Continuous

Listed below are uses with examples, and the structure of the future continuous tense.

Something that will be happening at a specific future point in time

I will be enjoying my vacation this time next week.
Jack will be giving his presentation at two o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

Something that will be happening while something else happens in the future

We will be working out while she takes the test.
They will be relaxing in the sun while we work like dogs!

Important Notes:

  • Use the future continuous to express what will be in progress at a specific point of time in the future.
  • Use a future time clause (while, when + simple present) in combination with the future continuous tense.
  • It is also possible to use the present continuous tense in a future time clause with the future continuous.

    She will be working hard while he is enjoying himself on vacation.

Common time expressions used with the future continuous:

while, when, at + specific time, this time next week, month or year



Subject + will + be + verb + ing

I, You, He, She, We, They will have completed the project by the time she arrives.


Subject + will + not + be + verb + ing

I, You, He, She, We, They won't have finished the exam by the end of this class.


Question word + will + subject + be + verb + ing

What will he, she, you, we, they be doing when he arrives?

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