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Example Sentences of the Verb Catch


This page provides example sentences of the verb "Catch" in all tenses including active and passive forms, as well as conditional and modal forms.

Base Form catch /Past Simple caught[/] / Past Participle caught / Gerund catching

Present Simple

He catches the train at nine o'clock.

Present Simple Passive

The ball is caught by the player at first base.

Present Continuous

They are catching on fast!

Present Continuous Passive

The train is being caught by a number of fans.

Present Perfect

He has caught a cold.

Present Perfect Passive

That train has been caught by more than one million travelers.

Present Perfect Continuous

He has been catching on slowly.

Past Simple

Peter caught the ball.

Past Simple Passive

The ball was caught by Peter.

Past Continuous

He was catching the train when he bumped into her.

Past Continuous Passive

The train was being caught by hundreds of travelers when the announcement rang out.

Past Perfect

I had caught twenty butterflies by the time she arrived.

Past Perfect Passive

Twenty butterflies had been caught by the time she arrived.

Past Perfect Continuous

She had been catching butterflies when they arrived.

Future (will)

Anna will catch the next train to Boston.

Future (will) passive

That fish will be caught soon.

Future (going to)

Michael is going to catch the ball!

Future (going to) passive

The ball is going to be caught by Michael!

Future Continuous

This time next week I will be catching the train to Boston.

Future Perfect

By the end he will have caught more than 50 butterflies.

Future Possibility

She may catch a cold.

Real Conditional

If she catches a cold, she should see a doctor.

Unreal Conditional

If she caught on faster, she would do better in school.

Past Unreal Conditional

If they had caught the early train, they would have arrived on time.

Present Modal

I can catch the next train.

Past Modal

He can't have caught the wrong train!

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