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Example Sentences of the Verb Lose


This page provides example sentences of the verb "Lose" in all tenses including active and passive forms, as well as conditional and modal forms.

Base Form lose / Past Simple lost / Past Participle lost / Gerund losing

Present Simple

Tom often loses his keys.

Present Simple Passive

The humor is lost on many people.

Present Continuous

I am losing my mind!

Present Continuous Passive

His keys are being lost as we speak.

Present Perfect

She hasn't lost her keys yet.

Present Perfect Passive

Her keys haven't been lost yet.

Present Perfect Continuous

They have been losing their way to our house for years!

Past Simple

Jack lost his wallet yesterday.

Past Simple Passive

His wallet was lost yesterday.

Past Continuous

We were losing our way when the man showed us the way to the park.

Past Continuous Passive

Its meaning was being lost when the teacher explained again.

Past Perfect

They had lost their keys and couldn't get into the house.

Past Perfect Passive

Their keys had been lost and they couldn't get into the house.

Past Perfect Continuous

We had been losing things for years when we decided to tag everything.

Future (will)

She will lose the game.

Future (will) passive

The game will be lost.

Future (going to)

Be careful! You are going to lose your wallet.

Future (going to) passive

Be careful! Your wallet is going to be lost.

Future Continuous

I hope we won't be losing our way this time tomorrow.

Future Perfect

She will have lost her way again by the end of the day.

Future Possibility

She might lose her keys.

Real Conditional

If she loses the game she will cry.

Unreal Conditional

If she lost the game she would cry.

Past Unreal Conditional

If she had lost the game she would have cried.

Present Modal

You can lose the game. It's OK.

Past Modal

She must have lost the game.

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