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Example Sentences of the Verb Make


This page provides example sentences of the verb "Make" in all tenses including active and passive forms, as well as conditional and modal forms.

Base Form make / Past Simple made / Past Participle made / Gerund making

Present Simple

She makes tea for breakfast every morning.

Present Simple Passive

Tea is made for breakfast every morning.

Present Continuous

Just a moment, I am making the bed.

Present Continuous Passive

The beds are being made by Louisa today.

Present Perfect

He has made every attempt to be kind to her this week.

Present Perfect Passive

She has been made president of the company.

Present Perfect Continuous

We have been making a lot of progress on the new project.

Past Simple

Alan made a telephone call yesterday evening.

Past Simple Passive

A telephone call was made yesterday evening at seven.

Past Continuous

She was making the bed when the telephone rang.

Past Continuous Passive

The beds were being made when the telephone rang.

Past Perfect

Jason had made the coffee before we arrived.

Past Perfect Passive

The coffee had been made before we arrived.

Past Perfect Continuous

She had been making telephone calls all morning when the director walked into her office.

Future (will)

I will make you a nice cup of tea.

Future (will) passive

Some sandwiches will be made for the children.

Future (going to)

We are going to make the class up next week.

Future (going to) passive

The class is going to be made up next week.

Future Continuous

We will be making our own beds in three weeks time.

Future Perfect

She will have made up all the beds by the time you arrive.

Future Possibility

She might make a cup of tea.

Real Conditional

If she makes lunch, you will enjoy it.

Unreal Conditional

If she made lunch, you would enjoy it.

Past Unreal Conditional

If she had made lunch, you would have enjoyed it.

Present Modal

I can make some tea.

Past Modal

She must have made a cup of tea.

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