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Example Sentences of the Verb Meet


This page provides example sentences of the verb "Meet" in all tenses including active and passive forms, as well as conditional and modal forms.

Base Form meet / Past Simple met / Past Participle met / Gerund meeting

Present Simple

We usually meet on Friday afternoons.

Present Simple Passive

New employees are usually met by management on Monday mornings.

Present Continuous

We are meeting with a new client this morning.

Present Continuous Passive

A new client is being met at the train station this morning.

Present Perfect

Have you met Cheryl yet?

Present Perfect Passive

Has Cheryl been met at the train station yet?

Present Perfect Continuous

We have been meeting new people for more than two hours.

Past Simple

My wife and met at an English school.

Past Simple Passive

They were met at the airport by company representatives.

Past Continuous

We were meeting with Tom when he interrupted with the news.

Past Continuous Passive

Tom was being met with when he interrupted with the news.

Past Perfect

Janet had already met Jack when I introduced them.

Past Perfect Passive

They clients had already been met at the airport when I went to pick them up.

Past Perfect Continuous

We had been meeting for two hours when he finally arrived.

Future (will)

She will meet Jack at the airport.

Future (will) passive

Jack will be met by someone at the airport.

Future (going to)

Nancy is going to meet Fred in Pairs next week.

Future (going to) passive

Fred is going to be met in Paris next week by the council.

Future Continuous

We will be meeting the new clients this time tomorrow.

Future Perfect

Our friends will have met many challenges by the time they finish the project.

Future Possibility

She might meet me at the airport.

Real Conditional

If she meets me at the airport, she will give me a ride home.

Unreal Conditional

If she met me at the airport, she would give me a ride home.

Past Unreal Conditional

If she had met me at the airport, she would have given me a ride home.

Present Modal

She can meet Tim at the station.

Past Modal

She must have met him before last week.

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