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Verb - To Have

Expressions with the Verb to Have


There are many important combinations of the verb to have with nouns, noun phrases and adjectives. These are known as strong collocations. This list includes the most important expressions with the verb to have. Each expression with the verb to have provides a definition and two example sentences. These collocations with have are commonly used in both informal and formal English. There are also many idioms and expressions with to have. Finally, to have is also used for a variety of grammar functions such as as an auxiliary verb and modal verb.

Have an accident

Definition: To be involved in a motor vehicle accident, or, informally, to make a large mistake

She had an accident and broke her leg last week.
Oops! I had an accident, can you get some paper towels to clean up the mess.

Have an argument

Definition: To disagree with someone strongly and vocally

Tim and Pete had an argument last week and aren't talking now.
Have you ever had an argument that got out of control?

Have a bath /shower

Definition: To clean oneself with water

I had a bath before I went to bed last night.
How often does she shower?

Have breakfast / lunch / dinner

Definition: To eat a meal in the morning (breakfast), afternoon (lunch), or evening (dinner)

Let's have a quick breakfast before we leave for the meeting.
She usually eats lunch in her office.

Have a chance

Definition: To have a possibility of doing or achieving something

Do you think he has a chance of winning?
The team has a great chance of winning the championship.

Have a cold

Definition: To have a slight illness, running nose, coughing, etc.

Mary has a bad cold and stayed home for the day.
I have a cold, but it's not too bad.

Have difficulty

Definition: To have problems doing something

Are you having difficulty with math?
I'm afraid I'm having difficultly opening this can.

Have a drink

Definition: To drink an alcoholic beverage

Would you like to have a drink with dinner?
James enjoys having a drink or two on Saturday evenings.

Have a feeling

Definition: To think something might be true

She has a feeling he's going to leave her.
Susan has a feeling that he might get the job.

Have fun

Definition: To enjoy oneself

Did you have fun on Saturday?
We had a lot of fun on vacation this year.

Have an idea

Definition: To think of something that might be important

Do you have any ideas on this issue?
I have a good idea how to help.

Have an impact

Definition: To influence something or someone

She had quite an impact on her classes.
Your ideas are likely to have quite an impact on the company.

Have an interest in something

Definition: To be interested in something

James has an interest in history.
Angela doesn't have much interest in attending the concert.

Have a look

Definition: To quickly investigate something

Let's have a look in that store.
We'd like to have a look if that's OK?

Have a meeting

Definition: To meet for business

We had a meeting this morning to discuss the business campaign.
They're going to have a meeting at two o'clock.

Have a party

Definition: To invite people to your home or another place

We're going to have a party on Saturday.
We're having a party. Would you like to come?

Have a plan

Definition: To provide an idea about how tor what to do

Tim has a great plan for this weekend.
Do you have a plan on how to solve the problem?

Have an operation

Definition: To undergo surgery

Mary had an operation on her legs last week.
Jason hasn't ever had an operation. He's lucky!

Have patience

Definition: To wait calmly and not become angry

Our teacher has so much patience!
Please have patience while I look for your records.

Have problems

Definition: To be in difficulty, to not understand

She has problems with math.
Doug is having problems at home.

Have time

Definition: To be available to do something

Do you have time on Friday?
He has plenty of time to help you with your homework.

Have trouble

Definition: To have difficulties understanding or doing something

I'm having problems repairing the plumbing.
Are you having trouble with this problem?

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