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Telephoning English


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Telephoning English - Introduction
Hostess taking reservations
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These short English conversations focus on telephoning in English. Here are five common situations used when telephoning in English. To begin with, each situation first presents the entire telephoning English conversation. Next, each situation has two separate versions with either caller 1 or caller 2 left blank. These telephoning English conversations can be used in the following ways:

  • Use the entire telephoning English conversation in pairs to practice the situations.
  • Use the separate telephoning English conversations with your role. The other role is taken away so that you can listen to your partner more carefully.
  • Use the telephoning English conversations without your role once you have used the role plays a number of times. This will help you memorize common phrases used in typical telephoning English situations.

Feel free to print out these telephoning English situations for use in class, or share the telephoning conversations with your friends online. For example, you could call your friend on Skype, navigate to a telephoning English practice page and practice together by each taking a role, exchanging roles, and practicing a few times. Click on the following telephoning English conversations to begin.

Telephoning English - Making a Doctor's Appointment
Telephoning English - Leaving a Message
Telephoning English - Making a Reservation for Dinner
Telephoning English - Telephoning School for your Child
Telephoning English - Asking a Question about a Bill

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