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Top 2 Intermediate Level English Learning Software


Intermediate level English software packages build on the learner's knowledge of basic structures and vocabulary. More advanced structures are added and vocabulary areas are expanded with more emphasis on specialized subject discussions. One of the most important aspects of these programs is the and special focus on pronunciation using sophisticated speech recognition software.

1. Tell Me More Intermediate

Tell Me More by Auralog is available in 7 languages and 3 levels. Tell me More provides an excellent package of multimedia features including a progression chart feature allows you to develop a study plan corresponding to your level and objectives.

2. Standard Deviants: Enormous English Pack DVD

If you are looking for a more traditional approach to learning your grammar, this is a package for you. While taking advantage of all the latest high-tech possibilities, the DVD focuses on building grammar knowledge by exploring verb tenses, conjungation, comprehension quizzes and more.
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