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Intermediate Level English Lesson Plans for TESOL Teaching

Free English Lesson Plans for intermediate level classes providing lesson outlines, teaching guide and printable worksheets in ESL EFL classes.
  1. Intermediate Vocaublary (12)
  2. Grammar Lessons (24)
  3. Intermediate Listening (3)
  4. Intermediate Reading (9)
  5. Intermediate Writing (13)
  6. Intermediate Conversation (25)

Top ESL Conversation Lessons Plans
These popular free lesson plans focus on building conversational skills in ESL / EFL Classes. These lessons are for use in class with beginner to advanced level classes. Each lesson includes a short overview, lesson objectives and outline and copyable materials for in-class use.

Basic English Curriculum for Teaching
Teaching beginning level English students and false beginners brings challenges. This ESL curriculum will help you build speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary skills.

Life Then - Life Now
Getting students to talk about the differences between the past and present is a great way to get students using a variety of tenses and cementing their understanding of the differences and time relationships between the past simple, present perfect (continuous) and present simple tenses.

Quiz Lesson
People learn English for many reasons. Unfortunately, learners often think that there is only one way to learn English and that the same things are important for everyone. Students who are aware of why they are learning English can also be persuaded that different things are important for different learners.

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