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Intermediate Level Dialogues - Describing a Friend


My Friend
  1. My friend Rich is coming to town next week. Have you ever met my him?
  2. No, I haven't.
  1. He's kind of crazy, but a great guy.
  2. Yeah, why do you say so? What's he like?
  1. He's really hard working, but very much a loner. He's pretty talented and can do just about anything.
  2. Sounds interesting. Is he married?
  1. No, he isn't.
  2. What does he look like? Maybe my friend Alice would be interested in meeting him.
  1. He's tall, slim and quite good looking. I'm sure your friend would find him attractive. What's she like?
  2. She's outgoing and very athletic.
  1. Really? What sports does she like playing?
  2. She's a great tennis player and also goes bicycling a lot.
  1. What does she look like?
  2. She's kind of exotic looking. She's got long dark hair and piercing black eyes. People think she is rather beautiful.
  1. Do you think she would like to meet Rich?
  2. Sure! Why don't we hook them up?
  1. Great idea!
Key Vocabulary

to be like (character description)
to like doing (general preferences)
would like to do (specific wish)
look like (physical appearance)
hook up

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