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English Dialogue - Presidential Elections


Presidential Elections

Alex: This election is going to be close!
Helen: I think you're right. The Republicans and the Democrats are fighting for every vote.

Alex: Did you watch the conventions?
Helen: Yes, I watched a little bit. The party platforms are extremely different.

Alex: Yes, they are! Watching them on TV, it was hard to believe they come from the same country!
Helen: Oh, it wasn't that bad.

Alex: Hmmm, anyway the delegates certainly clapped hard for their nominees.
Helen: But it was the same stump speech over and over again. In both parties!

Alex: That's what politicians do best. Talk ... the problem is whether they actually do very much.
Helen: Oh, you're a pessimist!

Alex: I wouldn't say that. It's just that I'm sick and tired of all the attack ads.
Helen: I see your point. It would be nice to know what they want to govern the country, rather than why they think the other guy isn't any good.

Alex: They treat us like idiots! I hate sound bites. Short simple statements that don't really give me much information. Treat me like I have a brain.
Helen: Some say we get what we deserve. Voter turnout is so low, perhaps we don't deserve any better.

Alex: But that's why people don't come out to vote. They don't feel represented even if they do vote.
Helen: I think we need a third party in this country.

Alex: I couldn't agree with you more!
Helen: Perhaps a third party would stop the partisanship.

Alex: Another thing that I don't think is fair is the electoral system.
Helen: No kidding! Just think, a state like California has 54 electoral votes. One vote majority in the popular vote and ALL of those 54 votes go to ONE candidate!

Alex: It just isn't fair.
Helen: Of course, there are reasons for that.

Alex: Hmmm. I guess ...
Helen: Are you a registered voter?

Alex: Of course! I'm a registered voter and I go to the voting booth to vote. I want that vote to represent my voice.
Helen: OK, OK, no need to give a speech.

Alex: Ha ha, I just think it's my duty as a citizen to vote.
Helen: Yes, I agree with you. If you can vote, vote!

Key Vocabulary

to elect
political party
third party
presidential nominee
primary election
to attend
party convention
to nominate
party platform
stump speech
attack ads
sound bite
voter turnout
registered voter
voting booth
Electoral College
electoral vote
popular vote

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