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Collocation Lists - Sports


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Collocation Lists - Introduction

Vocabulary is generally used in groups of words that go together. This is often referred to as 'chunking', another common term for this is collocation. Think about the noun 'money':

'Money' combines with verbs:

save money
spend money
pay money

Money combines with adjectives:

prize money
play money
pocket money

Money combines with other nouns:

money management
money supply
money order

Here's a page for more information on collocations with 'money', as well as example sentences to provide context.

This resource provides colocation lists for nouns related to sports using three common collocations in each category for each noun. Each page provides a new sport.

On the following pages you will find collocation lists with the following sports:

  • Skiing
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Basketball

Here are the answers to the short course / court quiz on the blog:

We played a round on my favorite golf course.
Let's go to the basketball court and shoot some hoops.
The tennis court is occupied. Let's go somewhere else.
They have a beautiful obstacle course at the park.

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