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TEFL 101 Principles, Approaches, Methods & Techniques - Review

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The Bottom Line

TEFL 101 Principles, Approaches, Methods & Techniques by Luan Hanratty provides an exhaustive overview of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It's not really a book for beginning teachers as the title might imply, but rather for teachers with a certain amount of experience who would like to really dig into their profession and become well-informed, well rounded teachers. As such, I would recommend the book to teachers who are passionate about taking their English teaching to the next level. The book's main focus is on making sure that students are front and center and not subject to teacher centered lessons.


  • Solid advice for student centered teaching by an established pro in the business
  • Insightful presentation of pros and cons of major linguistic teaching theories applied in TEFL
  • Thorough discussions of important classroom management techniques
  • Detailed advice on grammar, phonology, vocabulary teaching techniques


  • Not for TEFL teaching beginners despite the title
  • Great information on teaching Chinese which leaves readers not teaching in China out of the loop


  • TEFL 101's title seems a little misleading as the book will be most helpful for teachers who have had a little experience.
  • TEFL 101 is a perfect teaching companion for working teachers who want a deeper understanding of TEFL.
  • The book provides an excellent overview, as well as a sound critique of the vast majority of TEFL teaching styles.
  • TEFL 101 provides extremely useful tips on making the classroom student centered rather than teacher centered.
  • Common teaching exercises such as role-plays, dialogues, gap fills, etc. are viewed in light of purpose and delivery.
  • Psychological models are employed and analyzed providing a deeper understanding of linguistic expression.
  • TEFL 101 reflects Luan Hannarty's experience in China directly which is a great plus for teachers headed to China.
  • Presentation and explanation of a wide variety of activities for use in the classroom.

Guide Review - TEFL 101 Principles, Approaches, Methods & Techniques - Review

TEFL 101 Principles, Approaches, Methods & Techniques by Luan Hanratty is truly an exhaustive guide to teaching English as a Foreign Language. The book is extremely detailed going into just about everything an English teacher is likely to encounter, with plenty of example activities to illustrate his opinions. TEFL 101 is certainly a very opinionated guide to teaching English, but those opinions are well expressed with convincing arguments for Hanratty's points of view.

TEFL 101 draws on Hanratty's extensive experience teaching English in China which is especially useful for those wanting to teach in China, but can leave those not teaching in China wanting for similar examples for their own local populations. The book provides one of the best overviews of standard teaching styles I've seen in a long time. It goes into great depth on the application of the techniques suggested in the classroom and often provides a psychological lens through which the teacher gains a deeper understanding of best practices in facilitating successful language acquisition.

TEFL 101 Principles, Approaches, Methods & Techniques is certainly a dense book, and therefore not for the those only interested in getting a start on teaching English. It's an ideal guide for teachers who have taught for a year or two and desire to dig into the profession and become better teachers.

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