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ESL Lesson Plans Focusing on Popular Culture

Free English conversation lesson plans focusing on popular culture, music, movies, etc. for beginning, intermediate and advanced level of English learning in ESL EFL classes as well as business English classes. Each lesson provides an introduction, step by step teaching guidelines and printable student worksheets.

This plan for young learners, also works well in adult classrooms. The lesson focuses on recognizing that stereotypes do contain some truth, but also can not be applied across the board, is central to this lesson. The lesson also helps them improve their descriptive adjective vocabulary while they discuss perceived differences between nations through stereotypes.

Grammar Review Lesson: The Final Scene
Intermediate to Upper intermediate level ESL EFL review grammar lesson Plan using Cinema, Movie and Film

Debate 6: Internet Craze
Will the Internet really change the way we live and work? Or is the Internet just a passing fad and simply a new form of communicating? Have your students discuss this hot topic and find out what they think.

Life Then - Life Now
Getting students to talk about the differences between the past and present is a great way to get students using a variety of tenses and cementing their understanding of the differences and time relationships between the past simple, present perfect (continuous) and present simple tenses.

Movies, Films, Actors and Actresses
This subject is especially useful with younger students who might be hesitant to speak about their own lives. Speaking about films provides an almost endless font of possibilities for conversation.

Music: True or False
Getting teenage students to converse in English can be frustrating. This lesson uses a fun, competitive "true or false" game to encourage discussion.

TV Episode Lesson Plan
Bring students up to a level of listening comprehension which helps them feel confident with coping with full, normal-speed listening texts, conversation for ESL English classes.

Movies, Films, and Actors
Conversation lesson for intermediate to advanced levels concerning films, movies, cinema, actors and actresses

Talking About Pop Music and Musicians
Conversation Lesson Focusing on Pop Music and Musicians

Twitter Lesson
Using Twitter will help students quickly find the latest information on popular culture that they can then use in class in a variety of ways. This lesson introduces Twitter to help students learn in English in bite-sized practice segments.

2012 - Lesson Plan
Students are sure to get talking when thinking about 2012 and all the predictions related to this important year. This lesson plan approaches the subject in a fun way, while reviewing future forms used for predictions or intent, all the while letting students' imaginations run wild.

Writing English Drama Scripts in ESL Class
This lesson plans focuses on using films students are familiar with to create drama scripts using internet resources and vocabulary skills they've developed over the course of a few weeks.

Creating a Soap Opera
Creating, writing and acting a scene from a soap opera is a fun way to combine a number of English skills into a real confidence building exercise for the whole class.

Activities with Proverbs
Proverbs, or sayings, can be used in ESL class as a challenge to enable conversation about cultural differences, as writing prompts, and to focus on specific grammar points. These activity suggestions include a list of 10 proverbs appropriate for each level.

Discussing Hobbies
Use this lesson plan to encourage students to engage in deeper conversations about their hobbies, as well as develop presentation and public speaking skills.

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