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Having a Hard Time Finding a Job


Choose the correct answer or phrase to fill in the blank. Each question has only one correct answer.

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Why is Peter unhappy?

  • He's not feeling very well because he has a touch of the flu.
  • He's quit his job.
  • He's lost his job.

What has he been doing lately?

  • He's been working at a job he doesn't like.
  • He's been looking for a new job.
  • He's been studying at a new work group.

What does Susan think about his quitting?

  • That it was a good idea.
  • That it wasn't very wise.
  • That he made a great choice.

What reason did Peter NOT state for leaving the job?

  • His boss was treating him badly.
  • There was little chance for advancement.
  • The pay was too low.

Why doesn't Peter like the jobs he's found online?

  • Because they pay poorly.
  • Because they don't exist.
  • Because they often involve moving to another city.

How many jobs has he interviewed for?

  • For twenty
  • For two
  • For none

Which suggestion does Mark make?

  • Visiting other friends at their jobs
  • Looking for work in another city
  • Going to networking groups

What step is Peter taking today to getting a new job?

  • He's interviewing with Mark.
  • He's shopping for a new suit.
  • He's writing up his resume.

What has Peter not yet done to help him find a job?

  • Sending his resume
  • Taking job interviews
  • Visiting networking groups

Why does Peter need a new suit?

  • To cheer him up
  • To make a good impression at job interviews
  • To impress his girlfriend Susan

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