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Prepositional Phrases - Quiz 1


Choose the correct preposition to complete the prepositional phrase in the question. Each question has only one correct answer.

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I'd rather have wine ____ beer.

  • instead than
  • instead from
  • instead to
  • instead of

_____ bad weather, the trip will be postponed to next week.

  • In case
  • In case of
  • In case to
  • In case from

_____ my fellow employees, I would like to thank management for all they have done to improve our situation.

  • In behalf of
  • To behalf of
  • On behalf of
  • From behalf of

We finally solved our problem ____ a new device created by our research and development department.

  • from means of
  • by means of
  • by means from
  • by means to

_____ me, I will be happy to dedicate a few extra hours to the cause.

  • As for
  • As of
  • As to
  • As from

You will have to remember that, _____ John, no one wants to work on this problem.

  • apart to
  • apart from
  • apart
  • apart of

How can they be going out?! Jane has nothing _____ Peter.

  • in common
  • in common to
  • in common of
  • in common with

_____ John, they won't finish the project until the end of next week.

  • According
  • According in
  • According from
  • According to

I'm all ____ helping out the poor when in need.

  • in favor of
  • in favor to
  • in favor for
  • in favor from

We will have to postpone our trip _____ the bad weather.

  • because
  • because to
  • because of
  • because from

Because of the _____ interest in our product, we are going to stop production of the 'whamo ring'.

  • lack
  • lack of
  • lack from
  • lack in

_____ the large number of requests we have received, we are going to extend the sale to the end of the month.

  • Due to
  • Due of
  • Due from
  • Due

_____ our friendly staff, you'll find our hotel provides everything you could ever desire.

  • In addition
  • In addition of
  • In addition to
  • In addition from

There is a mysterious car _____ the gate.

  • in front of
  • in front to
  • in front from
  • in front

She was a fearless woman who acted _____ her health.

  • without regard to
  • without regard for
  • without regard
  • without regard of

______ your proposal Tom, I'm afraid we won't be able to approve your project.

  • With regards
  • With regards to
  • With regards of
  • With regards from

Learning English is sometimes difficult. However, you should remember that communication is ______ the most important thing.

  • by far
  • by far of
  • by far to
  • by far from

I'm afraid I've charged you too much _____. Sorry about that!

  • on mistake
  • from mistake
  • to mistake
  • by mistake

You are going to have to work overtime _____ your responsibilities at home.

  • regardless to
  • regardless of
  • regardless through
  • regardless about

Please don't be angry with me. I didn't break the toy ______.

  • to purpose
  • from purpose
  • on purpose
  • about purpose
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