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Presidential Elections

Printable reading comprehension quiz for in-class use


This quiz is for in-class use and does not have the answers provided. Take the interactive version of the Presidential Elections Quiz for correct answers and results.

  1. How often does the United States hold presidential elections?
    • every two years
    • every four years
    • every six years
  2. What is the 'third party'?
    • The Republicans
    • The Democrats
    • Neither of the two main parities
  3. How many times has a third party won in the last 100 years?
    • Once
    • Twice
    • Never
  4. What must a person do to become a presidential nominee?
    • Win the general election
    • Win a primary election
    • Decide to run for president
  5. When are primaries held?
    • During the second half of the election year
    • During the previous year to the election
    • During the first half of the election year
  6. Where is the nominee chosen?
    • In Washington D.C.
    • At the party convention
    • On the campaign
  7. What is the main purpose of the debates?
    • Raising money for the election
    • Helping to understand the candidates' points of view
    • To attract advertising
  8. What is the party platform?
    • The belief of a specific presidential nominee
    • The general beliefs and policies of the party
    • The place where the party is held
  9. What is a stump speech?
    • A special speech for a particular group
    • The standard speech given by a nominee many times
    • A speech about the forest
  10. What do many people believe about the campaigns?
    • They are too positive.
    • They are too negative.
    • They are perfect.
  11. What is an attack ad?
    • An advertisement which presents a nominee's point of view on an issue
    • An advertisement which contains a sound bite which distorts the truth
    • A type of party platform
  12. What has recent voter turnout been?
    • More than 60%
    • Less than 60%
    • Less than 30%
  13. Which statement is false?
    • Many people feel that voting is a responsibility of citizens.
    • Many people feel that not voting is expressing an opinion.
    • Voting is required by law.
  14. Which statement is true?
    • American voters elect their president directly.
    • American voters elect their president indirectly.
    • American voters have no say in the choice of a president.
  15. Which statement is true?
    • In a state with 12 electoral votes, the majority of the popular vote takes all 12 electoral votes.
    • In a state with 12 electoral votes, the minority of the popular vote takes all 12 electoral votes.
    • In a state with 12 electoral votes, the electoral votes are split evenly based on the popular vote.

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