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Lesson Plans for English Reading Skills for ESL / EFL Classes

Free English reading comprehension lesson plans for beginning, intermediate and advanced level of English learning in ESL EFL classes as well as business English classes. Each lesson provides an introduction, step by step teaching guidelines and printable student worksheets.

Aesop's Fables - The Ant and the Dove
Lesson Plan based on The Ant and the Dove including vocabulary and key phrase explanations and follow-up questions.

Dickens' "Bleak House"
This challenging upper levels lesson employs Dickens' "Bleak House" as a study in sentence structure, vocabulary, imagery, and paragraph unity. After discussion, students choose one of the

Effect and Qualitative Adjectives - Lesson Plan
ESL lesson plan helping students distinguish between effect (ed) adjectives and qualitative (ing) adjectives.

Lesson: Identifying Reading Types
Lesson aimed at helping students identify the different types of reading skills required for different reading situations. These skills are naturally used when reading in the native language, but are often forgotten when applied to English reading.

Lesson: Reading Clues
Lesson aimed at helping students identify contextual clues that will help them improve their reading skills. This lesson helps students get away from reading word by word and focus more on the whole. It will also help them activate vocabulary learning skills while reading.

Lesson: Teen Advice
Students read about various teen problems and then use modal verbs of deduction to understand the problem in groups. Students follow-up by offering advice on what should be done to resolve the various problems.

Reading Comprehension: "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells
This upper level reading comprehension takes a different approach to reading comprehension. Based on a thought provoking excerpt from "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells.

Recipes English learning - Chiken Kiev
Recipes for ESL English learning - Chiken Kiev. This recipe provides useful vocabulary and instruction on writing recipes in English.

Reading Comprehension Skills - Scanning
Lesson aimed at developing reading skills in ESL classes. This lesson uses TV schedules to help students improve scanning reading skills.

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