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Grammar Usage of Prepositions, Quantifiers, Comparative Superlative

These free ESL grammar lesson plans focus on learning standard grammar forms such as preposition use, comparative and superlative forms, etc. through a variety of methods. Each grammar lesson includes objectives, copyable materials for classroom use and a short lesson overview.

Uses of the Verb To Do
Guide to the various uses of the verb to do in English. This page was prepared with English as a Second Language students in mind and can also be used in class or for reference.

Asking Questions 2
Due to popular demand of the lower level 'asking questions' lesson, this 'asking questions' plan is aimed at intermediate to upper intermediate classes to help improve students' question asking ability in a variety of more advanced tenses.

Asking Questions
Lower-intermediate lesson aimed at improving students' question asking ability in a variety of basic tenses.

Countable and Uncountable Nouns - Quantifiers
Intermediate lesson focusing on solidifying countable and uncountable nouns with appropriate noun quantifiers.

Paired Conjunctions - Not only ... but also, etc.
Paired conjunctions are often used in both spoken and written English to make a point, give an explanation, or discuss alternatives. Unfortunately, not only are they difficult to use, but their structure is also rather strict!

Reported Speech: Developing Production Skills
Upper-intermediate part grammar, part speaking lesson focusing on helping students to actively use reported speech.

Grammar Chants
Grammar chants can be a lot of fun to use in classes. They are especially effective to help students learn problematic forms, words, etc. through repetition the right side of the brain engages its 'musical' intelligence.

Effect and Qualitative Adjectives - Lesson Plan
ESL lesson plan helping students distinguish between effect (ed) adjectives and qualitative (ing) adjectives.

Comparative and Superlative Forms
Intermediate level grammar lesson plan focusing on the use of the comparative and superlative forms

Preposition Review
This ESL lesson for intermediate level learners focuses on helping students review and expand their knowledge and correct use of prepositions.

Lesson Plan - Different Uses of "Like"
Lesson plan focusing on the various usages of like.

Focus on Paired Conjunctions
Grammar lesson for upper-intermediate level students focusing on the use of paired conjunctions

Subject and Object Questions
Intermediate level ESL lesson focusing on subject and object questions using who what and which.

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