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Top 4 English Teaching Materials for Children


The range of language skills that young ESL learners need to acquire goes from basic speaking skills to the ability to express themselves in writing. These books focus on providing young ESL learners with all the skills they will need to succeed at school in an English speaking environment. They also young learners improve their English through a variety of fun and meaningful activities.

1. Classroom Teacher's ESL Survival Kit

"Classroom Teacher's ESL Survival Kit" by Judith L. Haynes and Elizabeth Claire provides 130 K - 8 activities covering ESL basics, as well as math and other mainstream subjects. One of the outstanding features of this book are its notes on culture shock, special problems to consider, strategies for inclusion of ESL students with native English language speakers and more.
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2. Ready-To-Use Esl Activities for Every Month of the School Year

"Ready-To-Use Esl Activities for Every Month of the School Year" by Carol A. Josel approaches the ESL classroom based on themes. There is a wide range of activities including stories which help students explore the English speaking world around them.
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3. 101 Bright Ideas

"101 Bright Ideas" Claire M. Ford provides a wide variety of helpful ideas and activities that can be easily be applied to any classroom or learning situation. This books is another must-have for teachers who spice up their lesson plans.
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4. ESL Teacher's Activities Kit

"ESL Teacher's Activities Kit" by Elizabeth Claire is a well-organized resource book. Activities are listed by subject as well as level. The activities employ a wide-range of modern teaching techniques, and should interest anyone who is looking to bring a more innovative style to their classroom teaching.
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