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Top 10 Kid's English Learning Products


Make English learning fun for children with these excellent products. There is a wide range of learning tools including CDs for learning songs, Videos and DVDs for helping learn basic English vocabulary and books to help children learn their ABCs and basic words. While most of these products were not specifically designed for the ESL classroom, they are traditional English learning tools used in all types of native-speaking learning situations.

1. Big Bird's Favorite Songs

Sesame street's best songs sung by Big Bird. This music CD includes classic children's songs including ABC and other alphabet learning titles.
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2. Seasame Street: Kids' Favorite Songs

DVD version with lots of kids favorite songs. Great for in-class use to help kids learn songs in English and follow simple instructions.
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3. Sesame Street: Numbers

Sesame Street CD of songs focusing on numbers. Great for teaching kids to count in English.
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4. Clifford The Big Red Dog - Big Fun In The Sun

Ideal for kids 2-5, Clifford the Big Red Dog provides an entertaining way for young learners to learn basic English vocabulary.
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5. Clifford's Word Book

Help children learn the names of everyday object's with Clifford the Big Red Dog's word book. Includes more than 200 words with pictures and descriptions of everyday items such as goys, foods, vehicles, etc.
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6. Dr. Seuss ABC s Classic Learning Software

Help children learn their ABCs with this interactive program featuring the lovable Dr. Seuss. My daughter has this game and has lots of fun playing and learning basic ABC skills.
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7. Dr. Seuss's ABC

This Dr. Seuss picture book provides plenty of color illustrations with accompanying text to help children learn their ABCs.
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8. What Do People Do All Day?

This was one of my favorite books as a child. It's perfect for English learners from the ages of 8 and up who already know some basic English. It provides pictures and descriptions of people going about their everyday tasks and provides a wide range of essential vocabulary.
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9. Disney ABC Word Book

Which characters are better know around the world than those of Disney? Here is an ABC book in which children are introduced to 150 words.
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10. Winnie the Pooh Kindergarten Software

Another excellent basic English learning software product. The low level (kindergarten) guarantees easy English which can help first year classes get a good start and have a lot of fun.
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