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Top 10 Teaching ESL - Books on Reading Skills


These top choice books are used for teaching English reading skills to English as a Second or Foreign Language classes. These books can be used to develop activities, complement class exercises or give students extra reading skills practice at home.

1. World Beat Current Reading in ESL

This book takes the approach of providing interesting and relevant texts to motivate students to read, read and read some more. Themes are relevant to a global audience with global interests.
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2. Variations

Variations provides materials to get students talking about what they have read. This book is aimed at beginning level ESL classes.
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3. Topics for Today

These readings provide upper-intermediate to advanced level ESL topics for comprehension with follow-up discussion in class.
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4. Contemporary Social Issues

Contemporary Social Issues provides authentic readings for ESL learners. These readings help students not only improve their reading skills, but also give them materials for in-class discussions.
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5. ESL Reading and Spelling

ESL Reading and Spelling provides games, puzzles and inventive exercises to help beginning level learners build up their reading and spelling skills through a number of techniques.
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6. Reading, Writing and Learning in ESL

Reading, Writing and Learning in ESL provides a resource book for K-12 teachers. Activities and teaching technique tips are provided in this valuable resource book.
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7. A World of Books

This book takes an interesting approach to reading skills by providing an important annotated reading list for ESL students that will help them understand some of the key works that their native speaking classmates also have read.
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8. University Survival Skills

This book is very useful for ESL learners who are studying at a university or college in North America. It provides specific tips and suggestions for improving reading and vocabulary skills in a university context.
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9. Reading the World of Work

Reading the World of Work is written specifically for English for Specific Purposes learners who need to develop English reading skills for the workplace.
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10. Exploring Academic Discourse

This textbook provides advanced level guidance to reading and writing in an academic setting.
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