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Lower Intermediate English Grammar Review 1


While old-fashioned, I still find what I call "grammar banging" (intensive grammar review sheets) useful at the end or beginning of the year. The end of year calls for exam preparation and the beginning calls for some review to raise awareness of what has already been learnt and where problems still lie. The sheets provided in these "grammar banging" reviews are very effective because each question focuses on one important, specific area. I have included the answers and a short note of the grammar focus after the exercise.

Aim: Grammar review of the most important lower level English tenses, structure and functions

Activity: Grammar banging multiple choice review lesson with each question focusing on a specific point

Level: Beginner to lower-intermediate


  • This is straight-forward stuff. Make the copies and give them to the students.
  • Have each student do the sheet by him/herself.
  • Ask students to compare answers and discuss differences, each student trying to explain his/her choice.
  • Correct sheet as a class. Review each grammar point quickly - you should get a lot of "Oh, yeah....".
  • Give the students an unmarked copy of the same exercise to repeat at home to solidify the review exercise.

"Grammar Banging" - Review your English - 1

Choose the correct word to fill in the gap

  1. The children in that class ______ nine years old.

    A) is B) have C) are D) has

  2. How ______ you go to work?

    A) do B) does C) are D) is

  3. Do you like watching TV? Yes, I _______

    A) like B) watch C) do D) does

  4. __________ he coming to dinner tonight?

    A) Are B) Is C) Will D) Shall

  5. I like ______________ music.

    A) listen B) listen to C) listening D) listening to

  6. He can see something ___________ in the sky. Why don't we take a look!

    A) flying B) to fly C) fly D) flies

  7. __________ you like to come to dinner with us? (invitation)

    A) Would B) Do C) Will D) Are

  8. What film _________ we see? (asking for a suggestion)

    A) do B) will C) are D) shall

  9. Do you want ___________ to lunch tomorrow?

    A) coming B) come C) to come D) to coming

  10. He's got ________ interesting stories.

    A) some B) any C) a lot D) much

  11. I think the first painting was ________ than the others.

    A) gooder B) better C) well D) good

  12. I went to the butcher's ___________ some bread

    A) buying B) buy C) to buy D) for buy

  13. This book isn't ________.

    A) he's B) him C) his D) of him

Answer Page with Grammar Focus Explained

Exercise 1 Printing Page

Grammar Banging Page 2

Grammar Banging Page 3

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