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Gap Fill - Opinions and Personal Feelings


Put each of the following, remembering to conjugate, in the correct gap.

can't stand, get cold feet, deep down, have second thoughts, go blank, feel guilty, figure out, be dying to, be kidding, get over

Check answers on page 2, and page 3 for an explanation of these idioms dealing with opinions and personal feelings.

  1. It's really difficult to _____ what you mean if you don't explain yourself.
  2. I'd like to apologize for last weekend. I _____ about not having telephoned to say I wouldn't be able to come.
  3. He _____ go to the Red Hot Chili Pepper's concert next week.
  4. I just _____ listening to him lecture. He is so boring!
  5. They're not sure that want to get married. I think they _____.
  6. He really did poorly on the test. When it came to take it, he _____ and couldn't answer anything.
  7. Jason is having a hard time _____ the death of his cat.
  8. He must _____! He can't really mean what he says.
  9. When you think really hard, you should always be able to know what you feel _____.
  10. Unfortunately, he _____ about the car he just bought. It seems that it doesn't get very good mileage.

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