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Advanced Word Formation - V-Z


Word formation is one of the keys to success for advanced level ESL learners. Advanced level English exams such as the TOEFL, First Certificate CAE and Proficiency use word formation as one of the key testing elements. These word formation charts provide the concept noun, personal noun, adjective and verb forms of key vocabulary listed in alphabetical order.

Advanced Word Formation Pages - Links

A, B-C, D,E, F-H,I-J,L-M, N-O, P1,P2-R, S1,S2-T1 T2-U, V-Z

Word Forms

Concept noun Personal noun Adjective Verb
vacation vacationer - vacation
vandalism vandal vandalized vandalize
victimization victim victimized victimize
victory victor victorious win
viewing viewer viewed view
violation violator violent violate
visitation visitor visited visit
voice vocalist vocal sing
volunteering volunteer volunteered volunteer
voting voter voted vote
waiting waiter / waitress waited wait / serve
wandering wanderer wandered wander
winning winner won win
working worker worked work
wrestling wrestler wrestled wrestle
zeal zealot zealous to be zealous
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