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Quiz - How do we move our body? #4 - ANSWERS


punch, grope, grab, stretch, pat, slap, squeeze, nudge, beckon, pet

  • After driving a long distance, I like to get out and _____ my arms and legs.
  • If he says that again, I'll punch him in the nose.
  • when Katherine was small, I often patted her on the head when she smiled at me.
  • She loved dogs, and always used to stop and pet any dog that would let her.
  • Hurry up! Grab your things and let's get out of here!
  • She wasn't slim enough to squeeze between the two tables.
  • The lights went out and I had to grope in front of me to find the matches to light a candle.
  • Tom went to sleep during the meeting and I had to nudge him with my elbow to wake him.
  • When it's your turn to have your passport checked, the customs officer will beckon you to come forward.

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