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Gap Fill Food and Restaurants


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Choose the right word from the list to fill in the gaps. Go to the next page to check your answers.

fast food, cookbook, recipe, dish, menu, take-away, bill, ingredients, service, wait person, tip, dessert, bar, lounge, restaurant, order

I really hate _____. I prefer to go to a good _____ that serves everything, including the _____, using the best _____. Sometimes, I like to _____ something that I have tried at home. First, I look up the _____ in the _____ and then I cook the _____. Next, I go to the restaurant, and when the _____ comes to my table I ask for the _____ and order what I have already cooked at home! Sometimes, I like to go out for a _____. You can have a drink in either a _____ or a _____, which are usually nicer. At the end of the evening, it's time to ask for the _____ and, usually, if the _____ has been good, it's a good idea to leave a 15%-20% tip.

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