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Confusing Verb Pairs


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Differences Between Go and Get

Use 'get' to express a point of arrival or a destination. For example:

I got to work at seven thirty this morning.
It took us three hours to get to San Francisco.

Important Note: 'Get' is often used together with a specific point of time, a duration of time, or a specific destination.

Verb Forms: Get - Got - Gotten (got) - Getting

Use 'go' to express the journey, trip or experience in general. This includes both the journey to and from the destination. For example:

We went to Hawaii on vacation.
How often have you gone to that restaurant?

Important Note: 'Go' is also often used in general to speak about the entire journey, trip or experience, rather than the actual traveling to a location.

Verb Forms: Go - Went - Gone - Going

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