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Action Verb Idioms #2


Put each of the following verbs, remembering to conjugate, in the correct gap. Some verbs are used more than once.

crunch, hit, hold, run, feel, keep, bend, give, kill, stand

  1. He _____ over backwards to help Bob find a new job.
  2. Luckily, Jane _____ up for me when the teacher accused me of cheating.
  3. I'm afraid I can't make it today. Can I _____ you a rain check?
  4. If we go shopping on our way home from the lecture, we can _____ two birds with one stone.
  5. I _____ the roof when my son told me he was going to get married at the age of 17!
  6. We _____ time by playing some video games.
  7. I tried to _____ abreast of the situation in my home town.
  8. Bye! I've got to _____ the books because I have a test tomorrow.
  9. I was just _____ the numbers and I'm afraid we don't have enough money.
  10. I have to go to the supermarket. It looks like we are _____ out of food.
  11. I was _____ out of my mind thinking about what could have happened to Tom.
  12. I went over to Nancy's house to _____ her company.

Check your answers on the answer and definitions page.

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