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Phrasal Verb Gap Fill Quiz - 3


Use the correct phrasal verb you have learned to complete the phrase. Once you have decided on a phrasal verb, check your answers on page four.

  • get into
  • give up
  • do away with
  • speed up
  • take on
  • settle for
  • take off
  • get together
  • run up to
  • come up to
  • turn up
  • show up for
  • get away with
  • watch out for
  • go out
  • Our flight was delayed, but we finally _____ shortly after midnight.
  • He _____ cheating on his final exam!
  • I'm trying to _____ smoking, but it's almost impossible for me.
  • Let's _____ with Tom and Mike soon.
  • Unfortunately, I _____ late for my meeting and lost the contract.
  • Finally, the lights _____ and we had a good night's sleep.
  • You won't believe who _____ the party! Peter Thompsen!
  • I'm afraid I had to _____ eggs and bacon. I really wanted to have pancakes, but they were out of them.
  • He _____ the club on recommendation from his friend Jack.
  • I _____ and past the policeman doing 120 m.p.h.!
  • Unfortunately, our school had to _____ the music department because of lack of funds.
  • Make sure to _____ pick-pockets when you go to the market.
  • The boy _____ the man and returned his wallet.
  • Mary _____ me at the party last night and introduced herself.

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