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Color Idioms Quiz


Put each of the following colors in the correct gap. Some colors are used more than once.

red, black, green, white, blue, yellow

  • Many people feared that the new millennium would cause _____ outs because of problems with electricity production.
  • What a beautiful car! I'm _____ with envy.
  • Don't rely on him under pressure in battle. He's _____.
  • There is so much _____ tape that needs to be completed before adopting a baby.
  • Jack Thomas was put on Hollywood's _____ list during the McArthy era.
  • She was such a difficult child that her family always treated her like a _____ sheep.
  • Mr. Jackson is very important to the success of this program. Make sure to roll out the _____ carpet when he arrives.
  • We're looking for a new home in the _____ belt.
  • It's not quite as _____ and _____ as you think.
  • Try to cheer Susan up. She is feeling rather _____ these days.
  • I had to tell a _____ lie in order to get accepted into the program.
  • Jack gave me the _____ light on the project.

Now that you have studied these words, continue to the next page for a quiz using each word in the list once to complete the quiz.

Visit the definitions page for meanings.

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