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Do, Play or Go with Various Sports



This is a series of two quizzes which covers a wide range of vocabulary used with sports. The first quiz is on correct verb usage, and the second quiz focuses on sports equipment.

Use "play" with any competitive game that you can play, "go" with activities that can be done alone, and "do" with groups of related activities.

Decide between "do", "go" or "play". Sometimes the verb needs to be conjugated or put in the infinitive or gerund form.

  • He used to _____ jogging every day when he was at university.
  • I love _____ a good game of chess from time to time.
  • She _____ gymnastics for over five years now.
  • This summer we _____ windsurfing every day on our vacation.
  • He's quite the athlete. He _____ basketball, baseball and hockey, too.
  • My wife _____ horse riding twice a week.
  • Why don't we _____ a set of tennis?
  • Some people think that _____ aerobics four times a week is the best possible way of keeping fit.
  • His idea of the perfect summer holiday is to rent a sailboat and _____ sailing between the islands of the Tuscan archipelago.
  • He _____ athletics for his local track club.

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