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Do, Play or Go with Various Sports - ANSWERS


Here are the answers to the previous quiz:

  • He used to go jogging every day when he was at university.
  • I love playing a good game of chess from time to time.
  • She has been doing gymnastics for over five years now.
  • This summer we are going to go windsurfing every day on our vacation.
  • He's quite the athlete. He plays basketball, baseball and hockey, too.
  • My wife goes horse riding twice a week.
  • Why don't we play a set of tennis?
  • Some people think that doing aerobics four times a week is the best possible way of keeping fit.
  • His idea of the perfect summer holiday is to rent a sailboat and go sailing between the islands of the Tuscan archipelago.
  • He does athletics for his local track club.

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