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Example Sentences of the Verb Run


This page provides example sentences of the verb "Run" in all tenses including active and passive forms, as well as conditional and modal forms.

Base Form run / Past Simple ran / Past Participle run / Gerund running

Present Simple

He runs along the beach every Monday.

Present Simple Passive

Smith and Sons is run by John Smith.

Present Continuous

We are running late today.

Present Continuous Passive

The business is being run by the son while John is away.

Present Perfect

I haven't run a race since I was a teenager.

Present Perfect Passive

That course hasn't been run in a long time.

Present Perfect Continuous

We have been running since ten this morning.

Past Simple

Janet ran five miles yesterday.

Past Simple Passive

The business was run by Jack while John was ill.

Past Continuous

They were running along the road when the car stopped.

Past Continuous Passive

The show was being run by the producer when the actor interrupted the action.

Past Perfect

They had run five miles before breakfast.

Past Perfect Passive

Five miles had been run before seven o'clock.

Past Perfect Continuous

We had been running for two hours when I fell and hurt my ankle.

Future (will)

We will run with you this afternoon.

Future (will) passive

The race will be run soon.

Future (going to)

They are going to run in the Santa Clara race.

Future (going to) passive

The Santa Clara race is going to be run next weekend.

Future Continuous

We will be running down the beach this time next week.

Future Perfect

By the time we finish, we will have run ten miles.

Future Possibility

We might run with Tom next weekend.

Real Conditional

If I run the race, I will get some new shoes.

Unreal Conditional

If I ran the race, I would get some new shoes.

Past Unreal Conditional

If I had run the race, I would have bought some new shoes.

Present Modal

She can' t run tomorrow.

Past Modal

She should have run the race.

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