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Answers: Compound Complex Sentence Worksheet


There are other variations that are possible than those provided in the answers. Ask your teacher for other ways to connect these to write complex sentences.

  • Susan teaches the kids who live in the neighborhood in the evenings after she comes home from work.
  • The doctor wants to prescribe physically therapy, and he wants me to see Dr. Smith whom he recommended.
  • Anthony instructed us on how the products are assembled, but he failed to tell us where they were made.
  • Although the exercise was difficult, we managed to finish it on time, so we passed the exam.
  • Mary understand the man who spoke little English, but she was unable to help him.
  • Because we had limited time, we didn't read the final chapter, yet we still enjoyed the book.
  • Our father taught us many lesson which helped us succeed in life, and we will miss him greatly.
  • The eagles which live in the local mountain range attract many tourists, but the local politicians still refuse to protect them.
  • As we had finished our work early, we decided to go out for a drink, so we went to Allan's Pub.
  • The students who attended the university went on strike, for they protested the tuition hikes.
  • Sandy never met her uncle who had fought in WW II, yet she wanted to ask him about his experiences.
  • The boys refused to ask the teacher who had instructed them any questions, so they failed the exam.
  • I don't enjoy the food which is prepared by the staff, nor do I appreciate their unfriendly attitude.
  • As she loves red, Sheila wants to buy the Mustang, or she wants to wait for a few months.
  • If he wants to join us, he needs to ask the man who invited us to the party, or he can stay home.
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