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Text Organization


Text organization refers to how a text is organized to help readers follow and understand the information presented. There are a number of standard forms that help text organization when writing. This text organization guide will help you logically guide your readers through your text.

Text Organization: Referring to Ideas Already Presented

Pronouns and determiners are used to refer to ideas, points or opinions that you have previously introduced, or will immediately introduce. Here is a quick review of pronouns and determiners with examples.


Remember that ideas, opinions and arguments are considered objects in English which take object pronouns.

it / it / its -> singular
they / them / their -> plural


Its importance can not be underestimated.
It now becomes clear that their role in production is vital.
The government has given it ample consideration, but rejected its validity.


this / that -> singular
these / those -> plural

This is key: Children need to be encouraged in order to succeed.
Jefferson referred to those as unnecessary complications.

Make sure that pronouns and determiners are clearly defined either before, or immediately after their introduction in order to avoid confusion.


The need for economic growth is vital to any society. Without it, societies become defensive and ... ('it' refers to 'need for economic growth)
These are vital for any job: interest, skills, manners... ('these' refers to 'interest, skills, manners')

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