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English Writing Style - Sentence, Paragraph and Essay Writing Skills

English writing style from the sentence to paragraph and finally basic essay writing skills for ESL EFL classes, individual learners and teachers.
  1. Writing ABCs (11)
  2. Writing Structures (16)

Text Organization
This guide to text organization for English learners provides in detail information on how to effectively organize your texts to help get your point across to your audience.

He Said She Said
It's common to use 'he said she said' in reported speech, but it can become boring after time. This resource focuses on providing vocal verbs and adverbs to improve writing skills and substitute 'he said she said'.

Young Learner's Writing Workshop 1 - Basic Essay Writing Style
This series of four lessons is designed to help students become familiar with writing an essay in English. The first lesson is designed to give students an overview of basic essay writing style. The final three lessons focus on developing skills that are used when analyzing texts as the basis of their essays.

Basic Business Letters
A guide to the basics of writing business letters including common salutations, requests and an example letter. By your About.com ESL guide.

Beginning Writing - Short Writing Assignments
Ready to go short writing assignments for beginning level English learners. Toics include studies, hobbies, travel, likes and dislikes, application forms, brief job descriptions, recipes, etc.

Writing Your Resume
Writing a successful resume depends on many factors. Here is a simple guide to the basics of writing a good resume including an example resume.

Equivalency Chart
Equivalencies refer to different structures used to state the same idea. They are essential in developing a flexible and interesting writing style.

10 Common Sentence Mistakes in English
Learn to avoid ten of the most common mistakes in English sentences with these examples and explanations.

Conjunctive Adverbs for English Learners
Conjunctive adverbs are linking words that connect sentences. Learn how to use conjunctive adverbs by reviewing categories with an example sentence for each.

Examples of Using Equivalent Forms for Writing
Example sentences are rewritten using a wide variety of equivalent forms to provide examples to English learners on how to vary their writing style.

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