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Reader Stories: How I Improved My English Writing Skills


Writing English clearly is an important goal for all English learners. Speakers of different languages have different writing challenges that come form their own native language. This is your opportunity to help other learners who speak your language with stories about exercises, books, learning techniques you used to improve your English writing skills. You can also learn tips from other people about how they learned to improve their English writing.

Practice Makes Perfect

I read magazines, newspapers, story and letter to improve my skills in writings. I also practice on several types of tropics from internet. Software also helpful to make your writing perfect.However,…More

Reading -> Vocabulary -> Imagination

if i want to write about anything,i need to read stories ,magazenes .Vocabury and grammar ,when you to write you need to immgine or discribe that mean more vocabury and how to know using verbs , pron…More

Practice Makes Perfect

I have a journal of my own, and I write about anything under the sun - whatever comes across this head of mine. If a journal is too complex for you, a diary is most helpful. Write about the activitie…More

The Importance of Hard Work

I really bent on Kenneth who continuously sent exercises through About.com. BBC news letter was an another site which does yeoman service to the language development.Grammar is the most important key…More

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