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Readers Respond: Tips for Classroom Management

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From the article: Classroom Management
Classroom management when teaching English depends a lot on how the class is put together. Do you have adult learners, do learners all speak the same mother tongue, or do they speak different languages? Use this space to learn from and help other teachers with your own tips to help with classroom management. Make sure to specify in which type of setting your tip is most effective.

What I find works

I like to use the Quality School method/Glasser approach. I start by having students come up with a list of acceptable/unacceptable classroom behaviors, and put these on a poster. I can contribute, since I am part of the class environment. We then all sign the poster and put it on the wall. Then, if someone behaves in a way that contravenes the posted agreement, all I do is refer to the poster by asking, "where is that behavior on our class agreement?" and then I let the matter drop. The student knows what he/she has done, there is no need to point out that he is late, or she should not be using her phone. This has taken a lot of stress off of me since I don't have to dictate rules any longer. Another great thing about the poster is that I can refer to it in a positive way too: "How are we doing on our agreement? Is everyone speaking English, etc?" If yes, at the end of a week, maybe we can go out or play a game. This seems to work well.
—Guest S. Enns

my way

have been teaching for close to 20 years in asia . for younger learners , i use stars and stickers. i start with 5 starts (to tell them i believe you will do well , but also , i can take starts off(5 starts = 1 sticker.and i give starts for wanted behavior ,i.e trying to answer, etc, and erase starts for unwanted behavior ,i.e speaking Chinese . and bring stickers . i usually bring different kinds of stickers ,that the students really like and let them choose . it really works wonders for ages 5-8
—Guest mick

confidence and classroom management

The students who do not have confidence in speaking make trouble in the class. They have no confidence in speaking English but have confidence in making trouble in the class.
—Guest farookct

Avoid frustrating students

It is better for the teacher to be fair with his/her students. Apply the same decision to any student for the same mistake to avoid frustration and resignation to the learning of English. Being unfair with the students can be a source of indiscipline in the classroom.
—Guest Liliane

Share my Initial Story of Teaching

Classroom management basically stands on keeping students busy by throwing different interisting topics for discussion, and I also want people of the globe to share there ideas with the teachers so that the students doesnt have to sit idle. Wishing Happy new year to everybody.
—Guest rumasen


I think for better class management, Firstly teacher should keep his voice loud, secondly keep all the students involved and engaged in the class activity- that can be done by randomly asking questions/comments about the lecture in progress with calling the student by Name.
—Guest Muhammad Ikhlas

Ask students to donate words

Every day give a chance to one student to donate a new word to the whole class. And so the whole class including that student get acquiantence with the new word.
—Guest Reshma Ralgin

Mother tounge influence

To make your students speak only English during the English lesson is difficult as it is not their mother tounge. I think that every teacher should first of all speak English himself, but at first time teacher's speech should very clear and understandable. So use not only language but also gestures, mimecs, etc so that your students can understand you without their mother tounge.
—Guest Dicosha

Mother tounge in class

I think allowing students to use thier mother tounge in the class any time can become a habit for them which is very hard to get rid of it. so it's better not to allow them use thier mother tounge freely and put some limitation and punishment even in early levels.
—Guest haqiqi

TSWR system

Firstly. Thank you very much for your viewpoint in your site. Mr. Kenneth Beare. Congratulations. I am teaching on TSWR system. Think - Speak - Write and Read. This is my system. I think that is a good way. I speak english all the time and they understand very well. My main point, manage on the Logical way see it and say it. In my personal culture we say " Pan - Pan - Vino - Vino." (Spanish - Colombia). In English I think "You can do it and speak with you." So, consciousness and responsibility.
—Guest Rodrigo

It's an English Class!

Firt of all,it is not easy to make my students say something whatever they feel or believe in English since they have their own mother tongue which they they would love use in the class. However, I tell them the following: 1. How well they speak in their own language and how fortunate they are not to learn it from me. They can learn English only by speaking in that target language (ENGLISH)in here and outside. So practice more and more to master the language.Therefore, speaking in L1 will not help them to learn English any longer. 2. Regarding making mistakes, they are allowed to make mistakes when they say something. However, they may like to reduce the number of them in next session if they can. So feel free to share; nothing to loose!
—Guest Shabbir Ahmed

Classrom Management in ANY CLASS

—Guest kathleen C

Using native language in my class

I always use the native language every time i teach. This is because most of my students don't know English, so what i have to do is using both languages ( english and the native language which is swahili ) beside that my class consist of different students from different tribes of which some of them don't know Swahili very well.
—Guest Adam

class management

really it's not easy to manage a class of young learners, you must be not only a teacher, but psychatric....etc i try to be but sometimes it's difficult.....
—Guest SAHAR

Nothing than English

When I start my Leason my students try to use mothertunge in order to creat aquestion form using the English forming inthat case I make my selve couden't hear them and egnore so they try to builde up their questions in English > Students use self correction technique
—Guest Omani teacher

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